SHASSIC assessment is divided into three (3) components, Document Check, Workplace Inspection and Personnel Interview.

Document Check

Checking of OSH-related documents and records will enable the assessor to determine the compliances of the establishment of safety and health programmes and activities. There are 57 questionnaires identified for this component check and is listed out.

Workplace Inspection

There are 30 items identified for inspection for this component. Workplace inspection shall be carried out at three (3) high risk activities within a site. These activities will be determined by the SHASSIC assessor based on hierarchy of high risk activities. The assessor may also discuss with the principal contractor prior to selection of these high risk activities for assessment.

This assessment shall provide the assessor with the valuable visual comparison evidence on the OSH programs implemented, enforced and practiced at site/workplace.

Personnel Interview

Construction personnel shall be randomly selected from all levels and occupation so that they could be interviewed by the assessor using established standard questionnaire. There are 34 questions for this component.

The construction personnel are categorised into three (3) categories. The numbers of personnel from each category to be interviewed are as follows:

Category A One (1) managerial personnel
Category B Three (3) supervisory personnel
Category C Nine (9) working personnel - preferably three people from each high-risk construction work activities.